HDFC BANK, Progressive Mercantile Co.op. Bank, Ahmedabad

MICR Code: 380141002

Branch: Progressive Mercantile Co.op. Bank

Address: Progressive Bank Bhavan, 670/1, Station Road, Ahmedabad - 380002

Zip: 380002

City: Ahmedabad

District: Ahmadabad

State: Gujarat

Phone: 22134749

MICR Codes for other Branches of Hdfc Bank In "Ahmedabad"

MICR Code for HDFC BANK Gujarat

The MICR code for a HDFC BANK is a machine readable code that is used for processing and clearance of cheques. The code helps to identify the bank branch to which the cheque belongs. It is used when cheque goes for clearing, where the magnetic reader reads the code and it gets sorted automatically. This code speeds up the clearance process.

The MICR code for HDFC BANK is printed on the bottom of every cheque leaf of the HDFC BANK.

Decoding- 380141002

380141002 the MICR code of HDFC BANK, Progressive Mercantile Co.op. Bank Gujarat.

  • The first 3 characters, i.e. 380 is the first three characters of PIN (Postal Index Number)
  • The next three characters, i.e. 141 depicts the bank number of HDFC BANK
  • The last three charters, i.e. 002 depicts the Progressive Mercantile Co.op. Bank of Ahmedabad.